I’m a lucky boss,
I have the best
team in
the world




Here at 45 Degrees Design & Print we take work life a little differently, while we of course strive to fulfill our clients hopes and digital dreams we aim to enjoy life and have a perfect work life balance in the process.


While some of our staff are full time, others with young growing families are able to work the hours and days that work best to fit in with life.


When in the studio, we work hard, but we also talk about life, have a laugh and a joke, and maybe a little dance. This is what makes us us, it’s what makes us tick.


We enjoy working here, we are colleagues and friends.


In my opinion, that is what it’s all about, we work to live, not live to work.


Dean Bradshaw

I walk the line.

Johnny Cash



Hi I'm Dean,


I set up 45 Degrees Design & Print in July, 2007.  Since then the business has gained a worldwide reputation for great design and great service, we now work in the UK, Scotland, Wales, Canada, America, and Japan.


Out of work I enjoy travelling (Nashville, of course. New Zealand is my favourite place, so chilled out), I'm also a bit of a geek, I like to collect coins old and new (OK stop laughing now). Music is a massive influence on me, I always have music on.


Dean Bradshaw

Hi I'm Sarah,


A coffee drinking, camera wielding creative. Forever a dreamer, always with a new project on the go. Usually found making things, walking my dog, or planning the next travel adventure.


I started working with design & print while living in Canada five years ago, then joined the 45 team last year and love it amongst this slightly crazy group of country music loving designers. Walk past the shop and you might be lucky enough to catch a glimpse of us mid victory dance as a deadline is met with success; yes it really happens!


Sarah Adkin

Hi I'm Andy,


I am the resident font geek of 45 Degrees. If there’s a font to be found I am always up for the challenge! From time to time I put pen to paper and put my degree in colouring-in to good use - in other words I love illustration, pen, pencil or computer.


Outside work I’m a massive film buff, I’ll give any genre a go, from cartoon fluff to gory horror.  My guilty pleasure is the original Jungle Book.

As a new father I am living the dream of parenthood, scraping up snot and other unmentionables from the carpet... but I wouldn’t have it any other way.


Andy Macleod

Hi I'm Jay,


Raised on a healthy diet of science fiction and comics. Passionate about minimalistic design and enjoys a good logo project. Thinks the Lord of the rings being the best films ever made is a fact, not an opinion.


Loves a good book and, contrastingly, a good rave. Has an unhealthy obsession with Game of Thrones, is an over user of ITC Avant Garde and still can’t decide whether Nachos or Pizzas are more important in life.


Jay Merrit

01773 880 365 • info@fortyfivedegrees.co.uk